Doubles Registration | Nationals & Bottle Lake

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Event: Bottle Lake (Christchurch)
Division: Mens

Grab a friend and compete in Doubles side-events at Nationals and Bottle Lake! Compete for prizes over two rounds, with divisions for all players - Mens, Women and Mixed. Register today to be part of the fun! Check out the schedule below:



Doubles at Nationals (Auckland)
2 Rounds | Friday 2nd February.
Round 1: 9AM start (Bella Rakha). Round 2: 3:30PM start (The Orchard)
An intermission between the rounds will provide players with the opportunity to engage in GK Pro Skins (10AM-1:30PM) and the Idio Sports Coaching Roadshow Clinic (2PM-3:15PM).

Bottle Lake Bash | Doubles at Bottle Lake (Christchurch)
2 Rounds | Thursday 8th February.
Round 1: 9AM start (long tees). Round 2: 1PM start (short tees).
Afternoon start time is subject to change, pending speed-of-play of morning round.

Price: NZD$24.99 per pair.